Interview with Chris

Interview with Chris

Chris is a former intern-now an employee with Fusion Technology- and he sat down with us to talk about his experience during the internship program.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Chris Metrick and I am a 2018 graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College. I have been an intern with Fusion since December 2017 and was recently hired as a full-time employee. Throughout college, I was a pitcher on the Wesleyan baseball team and went on to play a season of professional baseball after graduation, before starting my full-time position at Fusion.

What were your expectations coming to the Fusion Technology internship program?

For me, expectations were high of the Fusion internship. My professor had talked up the program, so I was excited for the opportunity to join the program. I wanted an internship where I could develop software, look at real world code, and be challenged. My expectations were not only met, but they were exceeded quickly as I was challenged with writing code-that was based off others’ code-right off the bat.

How has your experience here been?

My experience with the internship has been great. I have enjoyed the structure of the program, the basis around it, and most importantly the personal connections that I have made through the program.

What have you learned about the IT industry?

I have learned that the IT industry is almost never cut and dry and even if you think you have something correct, the requirements or the direction of the project could change the next day. I’ve learned to become adaptive, roll with the punches, and have become a much better programmer from my time in the internship.

How do you think your time at Fusion Technology has impacted your future career goals?

My time with Fusion is still greatly impacting my career goals as I am now a full-time employee and not only has Fusion shown their interest, but they’ve also shown how much they care about the goals of each individual. The internship has taught me professionalism within the industry, how moving up works, and helped me hone in on my technical skills to become prepared for the real world.

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