At Fusion Technology, we hold our interns in high regard, and we value their time spent with us. Our interns are part of the team, and through our supportive environment, we provide a structured, challenging program that allows for real-world experience and lasting connections.

We are committed to providing a meaningful, educational experience and make it our goal to invest in the success of our interns. With hands-on technical experience and time spent with experienced team members, preparing them for their future careers and potential full-time opportunities with us.

Our internship program is an important part of our company and the perfect way to launch your career with continued guidance and support.

Success Rates

  • Average Intern to FTE rate: 50-60%
  • Out of all interns that finish within our program and meet citizenship and security requirements, 62.5% have been placed in full-time jobs within the company.


"During my time as an intern at Fusion Technology, I have not only gained knowledge, skills, and experience relevant to my field, but I have also learned more about myself and what interests me. I have been given the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that actually contribute to the company's success, and I truly feel like I am a vital component of Fusion Technology's team. My internship at Fusion Technology has allowed me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and get a better idea of what career path I want to pursue." - Intern at Fusion Technology Headquarters

"I had a great experience with the internship program at Fusion Technology. The internship program was profoundly structured and offered multiple challenges for me to pursue my growth as a software developer. Fusion Technology also provided stellar mentorship to ensure my progress, and you can really tell how much Fusion Technology cares about each individual within their organization. After becoming an intern here at Fusion Technology, I was quickly exposed to working with real-world applications of code that you simply cannot get in the classroom environment. The Fusion Technology internship program is a great opportunity for anyone interested in developing the skills necessary to start a career in the IT industry." - Fusion Technology Intern on Contract


  • Paid Internship
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Earn College Credit
  • Work on projects tailored to your own professional goals
  • Learn firsthand about the industry
  • Gain work experience in a field that interests you
  • Apply knowledge from coursework to real-world scenarios
  • Opportunity to acquire full-time position

For more information about Fusion Technology's Internship Program, please email us at: internships@fusiontechnology-llc.com