Protected Identity, Secure Access

Fusion Technology has a proven track record for providing the highest quality of service and support in ID Management, ID Access Management with Single Sign-On Capability, and Federated ID Management. In fact, Fusion Technology has been a service leader on the FBI Enterprise Identification and Management Services (EIMS) Task Order (TO). 

Fusion Technology built an enterprise-wide identity repository and access control solution, which allows for the centralized management of users, services, and access. This segment of the EIMS TO allowed for current and new systems to be protected by a single sign-on solution for all levels of identity assurance.  

While individual systems can maintain their local user account repositories for their applications, the FBI EIMS solution can manage and store identities that have references to those individual system repositories. In this way, a single identity might have many user accounts where necessary but still be managed centrally at the identity repository and made available to the federated identity provider. 

In addition, the FBI EIMS solution provides comprehensive runtime logging, security reporting, and auditing of all usage and management activities, and 99.99% uptime, as well as integrated workflows for approvals, mail, work orders, sub processes and extension activities.  

Fusion Technology also supports several levels/types of authentication (including multi-factor): 

  • Username and Password (Basic Authority)  
  • RSA Adaptive Authentication (RSA AA) 
  • RSA SecurID (Hard or soft tokens) 
  • X.509 Certificates (PKI) 


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