Locating Problems, Visualizing Solutions

The mapping of complex and simple datasets provides visibility into where events take place, whether it’s network events, user activity, or crimes. Adding this “where” to analytics elevates an enterprises capability to better leverage their data. Mapping capabilities in an application or on a website gives users the power to compare locations to each other and analyze points of interest (infrastructure, schools, businesses) around the places where they are focused. Additionally, these maps can be used for selecting regions or points that can be used to further refine the use of an application or site. 

Fusion Technology currently provides geospatial mapping and geocoding capabilities to the FBI. We have directly implemented geospatial web solutions on multiple FBI systems and provide consultation and support to others site wide. Our trained and experienced employees bring expertise in how maps should be delivered to an end user, how to leverage complex analytical tools and capabilities in front and back end applications and what are the best practices for handling address and geospatial data to get the most out of client and server-side datasets. 

We currently support efforts to geocode millions of documents daily on site and to merge that with search, display, and retrieval of the related data. Fusion is aware of the importance of the “where” when it comes to analytics and visualization of key datasets. 

Fusion staff have experience working with several geospatial products including: 

  • ESRI ArcGIS 
  • Google Maps 
  • OpenStreet 

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