Connecting the Dots, Finding the Unknown

Enterprise search utilizes complex algorithms and proven strategies that enable customers to perform deep-dive search and analysis on multiple datasets. Enterprise search provides the tools to find data and also connect that data together. Searches can be performed on keywords or by using more complex methods, such as conceptual searching and advanced Boolean logic.  

Fusion Technology has five years of experience utilizing enterprise search with multiple software solutions, including traditional Oracle RDMS, IBM Initiate, MicroFocus IDOL, and Elastic Search. Fusion Technology has applied this expertise to develop the architecture for, as well as support of, the enterprise search capabilities of one of the largest collections of record sets within the FBI. This solution consists of more than 270 servers that search more than 400 million documents. Fusion Technology staff serve as administrators and consultants on search and retrieval for multiple systems throughout the FBI.  

Additionally, Fusion Technology provides consultation and technical expertise in the interfacing with remote search and retrieval systems and the federating of those results back to end users. 

  • Deployed and maintained services on several platforms and hardware 
    • On Premise Physical Servers 
    • On Premise VmWare 
    • Amazon Web Services 
    • Windows 
    • Linux (RedHat and Centos)
  • Experts in building queries in leading search software solutions 
    • Elastic Search 
    • MicroFocus IDOL 
  • Experience with entire lifecycle of search and retrieval of large datasets (hundreds of millions of documents, billions of data elements) 
    • Extract, Transform, and Load of millions of records daily 
    • Streaming and bulk loading of data into multiple repositories 
    • Expiration and purging of records 
    • Long-term and short-term storage 
    • Clustering, scaling, and performance (Highly Available and Redundant) 
    • Bringing focused and accurate results to the use 

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