Fusion Technology staff are responsible for the architecture and support of the enterprise search capabilities of one of the largest collections of record sets within the FBI. This solution consists of over 270 servers searching over 400 million documents.

Fusion staff have served as administrators and consultants on search and retrieval for multiple systems throughout the FBI. Additionally, Fusion staff provide consultation and technical expertise in the interfacing with remote search and retrieval systems and the federating of those results back to end users.

Fusion’s expertise with enterprise search spans multiple software solutions including traditional Oracle RDMS, IBM Initiate, MicroFocus IDOL, and Elastic Search. Fusion provides a critical role in allowing Law Enforcement to search and retrieve relevant information and return accurate results. The experience Fusion hold with enterprise search and retrieval allows for specialized consultation in the management, structuring and storage of large datasets, and the query structuring needed to bring back focused results.

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