Growth through Intelligence

Without reliable and proper data analysis, data is merely numbers and facts that can have little impact on a business’s decision-making process. Fusion Technology recognizes that there is more to a customer’s data than is immediately available on the surface, as well as understands that as time passes and datasets grow, new pieces of information can manifest with the right tools. 

Fusion Technology offers comprehensive data analytic services that can aid customers in transforming their data into meaningful and actionable information. Fusion Technology has a proven track record across multiple government agencies, including the Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in providing insight into traditional, historical, real-time, and big datasets.  

Fusion Technology has experience in both cloud-based and traditional on-premise technologies that are used to mine, extract, transform, and analyze data. Fusion Technology can also store that data in a way that can be later searched and reviewed as business and intelligence needs change. 

Fusion Technology has experience with:  

  • Data Lakes 
  • AWS Aurora DB 
  • AWS Glue 
  • AWS EMR cluster frameworks 
  • AWS S3/Glacier 
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Tools 
  • Enterprise Search and Retrieval 
  • Traditional RDBS (Postgres, Oracle) 
  • Apache Spark 

To learn more about this product checkout our slick overview. Or see what other capabilities Fusion Technology has to offer.

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