Capacity to design, build and customize a distributed database. Fusion offers data transformation, centralization, integration with AWS Cloud services to provide resilient HA clustering across multiple availability zones to significantly decrease the probability of downtime.

Data can be gathered from any number of formats and sources such as Oracle DB’s, flat files, xml’s, object stores, etc.Once gathered and transformed the data is indexed into structured mapped fields.The data can be optimized to improve search times and decrease space usage.Afterwards, it can be backed up to improve to 99.999999999% durability through use of AWS S3.

As demand increases the load can be spread out across more servers to distribute load live while the cluster is being used for analytics.The gathered data can also be streamed for live visualizations through dashboards.Pattern matching and trend analysis can be easily discovered and visualized through a GUI interface.All data is stored in JSON to save space and improve query response.Queries are intelligently distributed across all nodes to shards containing the requested data.

Core Data Analytics Services

  • Developer Friendly RESTful API
  • Linearly scalable as demand grows
  • Resilient HA clustering
  • Full Text Search
  • Automatic data replication recovery
  • Real-time analytics of any type of data, including integer, string and geo location
  • Data transformation & enrichment customized based upon customer needs
  • Automation of optimization and backup of data to S3
  • Cluster deployment and management through elastic load balancing, autoscaling, ansible and cloud formation templates
  • Autodiscover of cluster members

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