Removing Physical Limitations to Unlock Your Cloud Potential

The Cloud is transforming information technology (IT)—from the legacy datacenter footprint into a current serverless deployment of your applications and solutions. Using the Cloud will improve performance and the ability to deploy new capabilities quickly, as well as provide resiliency and redundancy without a huge upfront capital expense.  

Deploying a well-architected cloud environment will help drive down costs using elastic workloads that can scale up and down based on your required needs and move data without ad hoc processes to save storage costs. As a result, federal agencies, as well as commercial companies, are turning to the Cloud to build new digital infrastructure and applications enabled by fast development cycles. 

Yet, even enterprises with decades of investment in IT infrastructure and personnel face tremendous risk in moving their IT footprint to the Cloud without the right cloud expertise.  

Fusion Technology provides the expertise necessary to improve and enhance an enterprise’s migration to the Cloud from on premise systems or applications into a secure Elastic Cloud or Server-less Solution. Fusion Technology has provided private- and public-proven cloud solutions for more than five years in the federal technology market. 

Fusion Technology has the expertise to design, deploy, and maintain Cloud environments, as well as provide PMO support across all Cloud projects.  Fusion Technology also is proficient in the following Cloud categories:   

  • Cloud Architecture 
  • Cloud Migrations 
  • Cloud Development 
  • Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Cloud Security 
  • DevOps 
  • Trade Studies 
  • Analysis of Alternatives 
  • Server-less Applications 
  • Proof of Concept Development 

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