Iterative Development Keeps You
Closer to Market Demand

To improve collaboration, software development timelines, and the overall end product, Agile methodologies have stepped to the forefront of software development. Fusion Technology leads the marketplace in its ability to tailor and facilitate customer implementations of these Agile methodologies. Our cleared professionals bring decades of experience to strengthen and guide your teams, keep leadership informed, and deliver strong value to stakeholders, while, at the same time, improving internal organizational processes. 

Our Agile practitioners help software development teams members produce value using modern, highly responsive practices, such as User Centered Design, Behavior-Driven Development, and lightweight prototypes. In addition, Fusion Technology employees are highly adaptable and can operate within organizations at any level of Agile maturity, using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), DevOps, Kanban, or Scrum Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) frameworks. 

Supporting all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle: 

  • User Story/Requirements Gathering 
  • Facilitating Minimum Viable Product Outlay 
  • Incremental Software and Process Improvement 
  • Developing Cross-Functional Teams 
  • Ongoing Process Maturation 

Areas where we can strengthen your capabilities: 

  • Interfacing with Waterfall 
  • Agile transformations 
  • Team coaching 
  • Providing SAFe training 
  • Increasing employee and stakeholder engagement 
  • Performance and value optimization 

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